One Pitch
July 6th, 2023
I’m a big baseball fan. Already this season, I’ve attended both major league and minor league ballgames. The lessons one can learn in baseball overlap so well with real life—dealing with failure, step...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
Financial Freedom
April 19th, 2023
Some of us have been traveling the road of financial bondage, financial dependence, and financial worry for far too long. How do we exit off this congested highway onto the freeway of financial freedo...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
A Meaningful Life
April 12th, 2023
The “Big Idea” for Ecclesiastes is without Christ we cannot be satisfied. Apart from the Lord, we cannot live a life with ultimate meaning.The philosopher/preacher of Ecclesiastes is King Solomon exam...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
Good? Friday
April 4th, 2023
Good is a strange thing to call the Friday on which your hero was tortured and killed. Mourning Friday or Horrible Friday would be more natural titles. The original Good Friday was certainly anything ...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
St. Patrick
March 8th, 2023
Saint Patrick was a fifth-century Christian missionary known as the "Apostle of Ireland". Early medieval tradition credits him with being the first bishop of Christianity in Ireland. According to the ...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
Language of Love
February 13th, 2023
Some people are fluent in multiple languages. I greatly admire them because I am not. Still, the most important “language” to be fluent in is love. Without love, we are all just a bunch of noise....  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
Following Jesus in 2023
December 29th, 2022
FOLLOWING JESUS IN 2023 IS NOT A QUICK FIXIf only spiritual growth was like microwave popcorn. You put the bag in the oven, and it’s not long before you hear the popping. You know you are making rapid...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
Receiving the Gift
December 5th, 2022
This month there is going to be a lot of gift giving and receiving. Many presents will be wrapped in beautiful Christmas paper, some even with ribbons and bows. Others will be in fancy boxes. Still mo...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
No Condemnation
September 14th, 2022
NO CONDEMNATION"God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it." Condemnation came about very early in the history of mankind. Adam and Eve, who were given free choice, decided ...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton
The Rich Fool
August 10th, 2022
Keep the main thing the main thing. When we miss point of life—when we neglect the main thing—we do so because other pursuits or priorities have clouded our perspective. We get distracted from the poi...  Read More
by Zeke Wharton