What Is RightNow Media?
Introducing media resources designed for you and your busy family. GGCC is proud to partner with RightNow Media to provide a free video resource library that you can access online, on your phone or Smart TV. This easy-to-navigate media library features thousands of videos to help you find and follow Jesus.

Bible studies and messages from gifted teachers on marriage, finances, parenting and hundreds of other topics. Teachers include Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Max Lucado and many more. The library is filled with great material to use in your small group. There are even great videos to engage kids and help them learn Biblical truths.

Unlimited access 24 hours a day.

Connect today through the RightNow website, mobile phone app, computer, iPad, Smart TV app and even a Roku channel.

The best thing is we have invested in the library for you, so it is FREE for you to use. Use this link to register!