Greater Grace Community Church Launches 

Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Ministry

Dwaine Bryant, Associate Pastor
443-776-1050 /


Pastor Dwaine Bryant is proud to share with the community a new program, called Our Journey of Hope® that offers support and ministry to men, women and families fighting cancer. Through this program, church and community members touched by cancer are provided with help and spiritual counsel that are specific to their needs as a cancer patient, caregiver or loved one.
“Cancer impacts the patient and the family,” Pastor Bryant said. “We want to meet the special physical and spiritual needs of those in our community and let them know we are here for them.”

In preparation for the launch of Our Journey of Hope, the leadership of GGCC completed the biblically based Our Journey of Hope cancer care ministry training program, which is offered to church leaders across the country. The Our Journey of Hope training program provides pastors with an in-depth look at the cancer experience and a small group curriculum to build a cancer care ministry within their own congregations.

“After going through Our Journey of Hope training, we are acutely aware of the physical, emotional and spiritual struggles cancer patients are going through, as well as their caregivers. The ministry covers the whole person,” Pastor Bryant said.

Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Ministry is available to the church and the community. If you have questions, you would like to get involved or you are personally in need of ministry, contact GGCC at 240-833-3349.